Agriculture Products

Trading commodities to feed people & animals worldwide

Many valued partnerships allow VG Serengeti to facilitate efficent agricultural transactions around the world. We have multiple geographically located sources and buyers. Contact us to discuss our trading process.

NOTE: Some agricultural commodities serve as both a source of food and an industrial ingredient. Both humans and animals consume corn, but the commodity is also an important ingredient in fuel production.

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Agricultural products are essentially anything that can be grown or raised

These commodities thrive or decline based on the demand from the public.


Wheat, corn, soybeans, rice, oats, barley canola and other grains are an integral part of diets across the world, which causes an increasing demand and volatility for these commodities.


Sugar is a soft commodity, which is produced, traded and consumed all around the world. The sugar cane or sugar beets are the raw materials from which farmers can produce sugar.


Coffee beans grow mostly in subtropical and tropical climates. The beverage produced from the cherries on the plants is a primary source of caffeine in diets in both emerging and developed countries.

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